Thursday, 21 October 2010

Folksy Friday: Cheerful flowers

After a bit of a stressful week of hospital visiting away from home, I was searching round for some flowers that would last longer than a week, and found these beautiful creations on Folksy.  So when mum is out of hospital, maybe one or more of these or similar will be greeting her on her return.  Or perhaps the wonderful husband will treat me?!

Click on any of the images to visit these lovely shops.

Holly J. Art HeloiseV
Tickboxcards Originals Sneddonia Designs
Lou Peajeux Illustration Ahh...Fleurs de Perles


  1. Lovely flowers, very cheering. Hope you are all better soon. Linda

  2. How nice to have my flowers included with the rest of your lovely choices -- Thank you!! :)

  3. Really pretty, delicate collection of flower items- lovely x


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