Saturday, 24 October 2009

Treasury mad!

Making treasuries must be addictive, because myself and my Etsy pals from The Lonely Jewelers team have been burning the midnight oil selecting beautiful items and then waiting for that tiny window of opportunity to open up.

Here are some examples. I hope you like them!

"The days fly by, but these creatures live for ever"

"Autumn Gold"

"Azure if you are missing the sea"

"Dreams really can come true ... over the rainbow"

A shame that treasuries don't live for ever!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Legendary Gypsy Queens and Kings

Just recovering from going to see the Queens and Kings last night. What a fantastic, energy-filled evening! This music has such life, such a fascinating heritage and really makes you want to dance...

In our household, there is virtually every type of music you can think of. My other half is a full-time musician, playing modern jazz trumpet, and he's responsible for introducing me to a whole range of the best music from around the world.

Over the last few years, we've been following Balkan and Gypsy music from around Eastern Europe and the Ukraine. It's probably an acquired taste, but if you've never heard it before, it's really worth having the experience. Turn the volume down on your PC first, though, as the brass is quite strident!

You can hear and see the performers here:

They deserve a bigger following, I think.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Autumn colours

If you like jewellery that reflects the colours and shades of Autumn, check out this treasury from TheEarringBoutique:

I love this necklace. What do you like best from this selection?

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Places to return to...

Travelling has been curtailed a bit this year by the arrival of Lucca, so I've been reflecting on a few of my favourite destinations. One of the most interesting, and seemingly least well known, is Kihi Island in Karelia, Northern Russia.

We were on a boat between Moscow and St Petersburg in 2003 when we pulled up at the island. In late September, the northern light was beautiful and it gave the small island a really magical appearance. It's what the tour guides describe as a 'green stop' - apart from these fabulous buildings. Apparently, the air is so pure around there that rare mosses and lichens grow on the trees. There was certainly ever shade of green you could imagine on view.

Basically, it's an open air museum of wooden architecture. The church is the most spectacular with its majestic wooden onion domes dancing against the white northern sky. There is also the farmhouse where inside you can view what life was like for those living there - anything but romantic given the harsh winters and stark conditions.

You can read more at if you're interested.

It felt like a privilege to go somewhere so off the beaten track but so stunning and different.

Where have you been that you would like to return to?
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