Sunday, 24 March 2013

Handmade Monday: Fame for my little blog and dog pictures

This week I'm excited to report that this little blog was reviewed in the April edition of Making Jewellery and Handmade Monday was mentioned!  Just pardon me a moment while I quote the whole review in full, and my head swells to the size of a football!

"Alison is a self-confessed jewellery addict, and she shares this with us at her blog.  This down-to-earth, funny and creative blog is all about making jewellery, dogs, literature, travel and other interesting stuff.  With the regular feature Handmade Monday, Alison shares with us what she's been making, and her thoughts on these.  The blog is full of inspiration and interesting titbits, such as Wordless Wednesday, which often involves photos of dogs!"

How cool is that?  And I have to add I didn't pay for it, or submit the blog to anything or bribe the editor or anything like that. 

Anyway, better show some makes otherwise I won't be fulfilling my remit.  I haven't made much, and you'll see why in a minute.

Here's a little bag charm covering dogs, jewellery and my new attempts at stamping.  I do love these little doggie charms - I think they are supposed to be spaniels but it could be a Labrador with short legs if you squint a bit in a low light.

My own real life dog had an exciting day last week.  The poor boy has been limping for a while and our vet has been trying 'conservative' methods of managing what he diagnosed as elbow dysplasia.  Nothing seemed to be working, and although Lucca was still as keen as mustard to go out walking, we felt we couldn't go on like that with him in pain, and us worrying ourselves silly about him.  The vet referred us to a specialist orthopaedic hospital, and to cut a long story short, Lucca had a consultation, scan and operation there all in the same day. 

He is recovering well, and fingers crossed, hasn't limped since the op.  The short walks he needs for the next month are quite frustrating for him, so he's having lots of extra stimulation to tire him out, including drives in the car, frozen kongs and lots of training - all of which is exhausting the humans! 

Here he is falling out of his bed with exhaustion at the end of a busy day.  Check out that shaved patch - it looks like a baboon's backside.  I hope it grows back soon.

 Hope everyone in the UK is wrapping up warm against the cold and snow and reading lovely blogs.  Here's a link to see what others have been doing this week for Handmade Monday. 

Alison x

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