Monday, 25 October 2010

BESTeam weekly feature: Danizabeth on Etsy

Danizabeth (Danielle Elizabeth) from Peru, IL, hosts this striking shop full of color enhanced photographs of cars in salvage yards, acoustic guitars and landscapes and features around Illinois.  Danizabeth is also a painter and graphic designer, and you can see her love of art and color in her striking work, which invites you to look at the world around in a slightly different way.

My favourite picks from this shop reflect the use of color enhancement on these striking photographs.  Danizabeth uses Photoshop to make these colors really pop and I think this gives her artwork a slightly surreal feel, like your looking at the pictures in a dream.

Here are my picks from the salvage yard shots:

Danizabeth Danizabeth

The service truck and acoustic guitar at a local salvage yard. Blues and yellows are fantastic, aren't they?

The old green Chevrolet door handle with peeling paint layers around it. Danizabeth writes that 'The reds are coming from places that had been primed for a repaint which add a lot of character.'

And here are some landscape shots:

Danizabeth Danizabeth

The first is Mount Ayr in Iowa.  I love the a-symmetry of the shot, and the beautiful colors of that field and building.  You can definately imagine yourself lying on that grass soaking up the view, can't you? Then an historic covered bridge in Illinois.  Red and green must be Danizabeth's favourite colors, I reckon.  If I've read it right, you can get seriously fined for 'leading any beast faster than a walk on or across this bridge.'  Best not take my dog, then, as his average speed is a gallop :-)

I have several really important things in common with Danizabeth, besides sharing her love of color.  One, we like animals (click here to view Bagheera in all her black cat glory).  Two, we love music and the beach - OK that's more than one thing.  Three, an addiction to shoes.  Four, we are left handed.  You can pick up many more interesting facts like these on the blog.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful feature! So neat to hear we have several things in common :)

  2. Love the barn photos! Wonderful article!

  3. I like the barn photos as well. I like the one with the wind mill.
    Domestic Goddess

  4. Photography is awesome, I just recently got a new camera and have been itching to go around and take random pictures and such. I love looking at other photographers' work and seeing how they see the world, great feature!

    - Ardent Reverie


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