Monday, 11 October 2010

BESTeam weekly feature: Little Peach Fuzz

It's a real pleasure to feature Little Peach Fuzz on Etsy - what a colorful and happy shop!  Here you can find funky jewelry and lots of beautiful adornments from your hair, all made and shipped from sunny Florida.  And everything is designed to make you feel 'peachy'!

LittlePeachFuzz LittlePeachFuzzLittlePeachFuzz
LittlePeachFuzzLittlePeachFuzz LittlePeachFuzz

Rachel, the owner of Little Peach Fuzz, has been drawing and crafting all her life and aims to move into some more areas like handmade clothes soon.  I guess she's still in a honeymoon glow, having got married last August to the love of her life, and a lot of that love and energy come bursting out of the shop! I've chosen some items to reflect the current trend in fall colours and Pantone's colors of the season - are they just peachy?! Click on any of the pictures to visit the shop.


Etsy Shop




  1. Nice feature! Love the ribbon necklace...looks like little peas :-)

  2. Great little feature!! I love the name of the shop. It totally matches the cute stuff she's got in it!

  3. That necklace is truly creative!

  4. Love the button earrings! Nice feature!

  5. I like the colored backgrounds for the photos - really make the products stand out! Nice job on this feature.

  6. Awesome feature, I'd love to see some handmade clothes from the shop! Definitely can't wait for that :)


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