About Blue Forest Jewellery

My name is Alison and I'm a jewellery addict.  I've been making jewellery for as long as I can remember, mostly adapting pieces I'd bought up until a few years ago when it got more serious!  I make things I would like to wear myself so it's often difficult to part with my creations :-)


Colour and nature are the main inspirations for my creations.

This bracelet combines some of my favourite colours - blues and greens, pinks, reds and browns.  The colours of semi precious stones are so beautiful - opaque, naturally maked and uneven - they reflect the sort of wabi-sabi style I love.

I love jewellery that reflects or symbolises nature as well.  This All the leaves necklace shows one of my favourite motives combined with colours reflecting nature.  The Y-link charm necklace is another favourite too.

Did I mention charms?  Another favourite with me, as in this delightful Just Charming necklace. I think it's the sound that I like as well as the charms themselves - they remind you that they are wearing something beautiful and remind you to feel good about yourself.

Blue Forest Jewellery

The name comes from the remains of the Forest of Arden where we love to walk the dog.  There are a variety of trees there, many very ancient, including silver birches and firs.  In the right sunlight, they reflect the lovely blues of the sky and in the spring the deep purply blue of the bluebell carpet.

What better way to live is there than experiencing nature on a day-to-day basis?

 And who can tell you more about lovely colour combinations?

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