Saturday, 5 June 2010

June loons A bit of blue

This week I joined the June loons on Folksy with their challenge to list a new item each day for the whole of June.  Never mind listing items (and getting sales!) being in the group is fantastic fun - every day there are great things to see and a brilliant bunch of new friends to chat with.
I've picked just a few delightful blues from the listings that are new this week.  Click on any of the pictures or links below to go directly to the shops.

Amie Rose Designs imogen's imaginationbeadesk
Lonely heartsNorthfield Primitives Drop Scone

1. Simply elegant and stunning colour earrings by Amie Rose Designs
2. Imogen's imagination is responsible for this amazing turquoise bird fascinator.  Wear it to the supermarket, I say, too nice to keep for a special occasion!
3. Strictly, this one is purple, but it's too beautiful to leave out - by beadesk
4. Blue fleecy owl by Lonely Hearts
5. The perfect summer handbag by Northfield Primitives
6. This one is a choice of sea blues or roses - that's a tough one as they are both stunning - by Drop Scone

Lovely, aren't they?  And here's one from me...

Just turquoise earrings £9 on Folksy
which would go beautifully with....
Turquoise and diamond bracelet £17 on Folksy
Watch out for more loon-acy next week!


  1. Thank-you for including my velvet bag in your selection. Love your choices, especially the bird hat and the the owl! Sarah x

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my owl. absoloutly love your turqoise jewellery.
    Hannah. xx

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my owl. lots of lovely blue items, and i Love your Turquoise jewellery.
    Hannah xx

  4. Beautiful turquoise jewellery. One of my favourite colours. Thanks for your kind comments on my bangles!

  5. The stacked turquoise rounds are great, what lovely earrings, good year round!

    Twitter: Teri_B


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