Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The joy of handmade

If you've bought a handmade item, why did you choose it?  Was it because it was unique, one of a kind?  That's got to be the number 1 reason.  In an era when the vast majority of things we buy are mass produced,  unique item has to be a real winner.  No-one else will have one!  And of course with Dreamaid you know in addition that your purchase is going to benefit someone less fortunate than yourself.

Handmade items really are  made with love
Another big plus is having something made with love.  You will get an item that been through a design and production process.  The difference is, that design process may well have taken place in the crafter's head, in the shower or at the kitchen table.  Sometimes an idea of mine is kind enough to land itself when I'm near my design book, but often they come along on the way to the day job, whilst walking the dog or halfway through Coronation Street!

Then there's production.  With one unique item to make, it's got to be right.  With jewellery, sometimes the actual act of putting together doesn't take a lot of time, but again we crafters have to find those few still minutes in a busy day.

Stand well back - knotting in progress!
I love making statement semi-precious stone necklaces where each bead is knotted individually.  The knots take a little while to do, but it's beautifully quiet time and a chance to think about what you're making, and wonder who might wear it and for what occasion. 

There is one part of the process some of us struggle with and might like to get someone else to do, and that's the photography.  You want your picture to convey the beauty of your handcrafted lovely - but often the light, the camera and the props have other ideas!  That's why handmade items are usually even better than you imagined when you see them for real.

So there's a quick step through the handmade creative process.  Now you know that the process begins and ends with a love of crafting, inspiration from real life and a desire to make something really beautiful that will be unique for you.  Each of the sellers on Dreamaid has also made a commitment to donate part of their profit to help those in the Third World.  Together with you, they can help to share that message of love further with each handmade item.

So smile as you browse!

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  1. Nice posting.

    I bought 2 items from Folksy both as gifts for family members, and both totally unique hand crafted items.

    I have my best idea's in the shower, cant take a pen n paper in there LOL.

    Agreed, I am enlisting a photographer soon as I give up I have the idea's for photo's of my work but not good enough to do them.

    Hope your post encourages more people to buy handmade.


  2. What a lovely insight into handcrafted items - we all do this, and you are right, we do it with love - and you can't put a price on that! But we are also the lucky ones - we are doing something we love too!

  3. you are quite right about the photography, I often get told my items look better in real life lol :)

  4. You have such a way with words - excellent article and soo soo true. All our work is made with love and attention utmost first. If someone chooses to buy our work then that is a bonus and makes all those nights bent over the fading light worth it.

  5. love this post, what you say is soo true and we hope people buy for the reason they are handmade and individual.

  6. Photography is my real bug bear at the moment. Until I get that sorted I can't sell online. I am just about to try knotting a necklace. that should be fun.


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