Friday, 11 June 2010

Folksy Friday - red and white

OK, so this is sort of for the world cup, but if you're not that way inclined, it's just a set of lovely red and white makes arranged in a sort of pattern!  In any case, enjoy, and click on the links to go directly to the shops involved.

Passionate about photography NOfkantsGimme that Thing
Twinklyspangledropsconeblue forest jewellery
Knitted Babies Bigsisters handmade treasuresEidelweiss

And just a couple of other topical items as well!
England for Girls by the Jewellery Angel
England Flag Badge by Gift Shack


  1. Very clever and topical to boot! I love that photo of the rose.

  2. Thank you for featuring my badge. Come on England!

  3. Very nice, I love dropscone's red beaded flower necklace.

  4. Hey, thank you so much for featuring my sea glass wire wrapped earrings in your dazzling collection of items.


  5. Thought that was one of Natalie's lovely bags! Great choices. Amanda's earrings are lovely

  6. Thank you for featuring one of my handbags, that is really kind! I adore the booties, I love anything for babies, the problem is mine are all growing up, eldest 17 youngest 10 wiht a 12 yr old in the middle, not sure booties would go down well with any of them!

    Really clever display! Go Eng... errr...Land!

    Natalie x

  7. I love how you made those images into a flag, such a cute idea!

    Thanks for featuring my necklace!

    Stacey x

  8. Lovely finds & such a good idea to make the flag shape - well done :D xx

  9. Excellent, you are very clever at this. Job in PR easy peasy. I haven't worked out yet how to put other's peoples stuff on. Taken me long enough just to sort a blog out - but then I'm not 21 anymore either, getting to be more like one of the silver surfers as they call it.


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