Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Year resolutions (and how to get out of them)

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Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and has found time to relax and refresh in the post Christmas lull. Funny time of the year, isn't it, this week between the two events. I can get a bit maudlin at this time, so I thought I'd occupy myself with New Year resolutions. And because each year I try really hard but somehow fail, this year I've made them a bit more realistic. Call them SMART targets if you like a bit of business speak!

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1) Go on a diet. As often as possible. Try to diet for whole days at a time. Tell as many people as possible that I'm dieting as often as possible, as this will make me feel thinner and more virtuous.

Likely to last until ... first encounter with chocolate machine on first day back in the office.

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2) Don't buy (m)any more handbags.

Only buy ones I really need or really want very much. OH says we need to move to a bigger house if I buy any more. Have included a selection I'm currently drooling over so that you can help me out and buy them before I can.

Likely to last until ... the next email offer for bags comes through.

3) Spend less time on the computer.

Likely to last until ... Oops, broken that one already!

Share your resolutions here, and your get-out clauses :-)

Happy New Year!


  1. I long ago decided it was crazy to make resolutions and set myself up for failure!

  2. New Years Resolutions?
    Not for me either :)

  3. No resolutions here. Just the fact I realized I have been procrastinating on certain things that the new year made me want to start.


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