Monday, 13 December 2010

BESTeam weekly feature: Steufel on Etsy

Today I'm featuring a relatively new Etsy shop: SteufelSteufel is run by Stephanie, from Cologne in Germany, and is a great shop if, like me, you love colour in your jewellery.  Her pieces are bold and chunky and often combine upcycled elements in them, along with sari silk, to create a kind of fusion of colour and steampunk.  I like the steampunk pieces, but as always, I was most drawn to the blue items!

You can find out more about Stephanie on her blog, where she confesses to being a nail polish-aholic, and loving mystery novels and cooking. 

My favourite items is this beautiful ring.

It's made of keishi pearls in shades of cobalt and denim blue, Czech glass leaves with AB coatings and a faceted glass bead, sari ribbon, all mounted on a button with the shank created from turquoise blue wire.

Stephanie describes this as a cocktail ring and I agree that this would be stunning with a really dressed up outfit, maybe a little black dress, or equally at home with jeans and a T shirt.  Just stunning!

A couple of other beautiful items caught my eye too!
Turquoise ribbon and beads bracelet

A fabric ring on an adjustable copper band

Be sure to check out this great shop!


  1. Such unique and beautiful creations!

  2. Wowee, what gorgeous colours they are - enough to uplift any day.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I'll head over there now.

  4. oh i recently blogged about this etsy shop too! fabulous pics x

    Enter my Christmas giveaway!

  5. oh, the blues are so vibrant! great feature.

  6. Is it possible to love everything in this shop? I think I do!


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