Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Handmade movement can solve your problems!

I've said it before - the handmade movement has the potential to outshine all other retail in customer service.  Here's just a couple of recent examples of how Etsy and Folksy have solved dilemmas for me!

Problem: you want to send a little gift to someone you know from Etsy.  The person in question lives thousands of miles away and you don't know her address.  You don't really know what her taste in presents is.  What do you do?

Answer: You contact Christie at The Spotted Barn on Etsy who is only too happy to arrange a custom gift listing for your friend to come and choose what she would like from the fabulous selection of purses and wallets on offer in the shop.  Then you go back and buy a couple more wallets because they are such perfect Christmas presents - here's an example:

Problem: you need flowers in a hurry, to go to a close relative who lives a couple of hundred miles away.  You want beautiful flowers that will stand out and last.  You want to be able to send a card and have guaranteed and quick delivery. 

Answer: You buy these incredibly beautiful beaded flowers from Fleur de Perles on Folksy - or in fact, any of Megan's creations, which sometimes look so lifelike you have to check twice to see if they are alive!  Megan helped get these to my mum-in-law in double quick time, prettily packaged and with a personalised card and message.  It was quicker, easier and much more friendly than dealing with an big online florist. 

I love to give great customer service in all my shops, and I like to receive it even better. Thanks to both these seller for being a credit to the handmade movement.


  1. Excellent post as always - that wallet is really nice - how on earth do you find all these things?


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