Saturday, 20 November 2010

Cutting edge modern or downright retro?

These earrings I was quite proud of.  They're not listed yet, but I was all ready to write the blurb about how they are cutting-edge modern, in line with the current 'tribal' trend, mixing geometric with organic shapes, bold and eye-catching, a contemporary and subversive use of pearls etc, etc.  (I tend to ramble on a bit when I really like something...)

Showed them to the OH, who to give him his due, is usually pretty much on the money when I ask his advice on my makes.  He smiles and says, 'Are they your tribute to Downton Abbey?'

(For my US followers, I should explain that Downton is a Sunday night TV serial that's been gripping the nation recently, set just before the first World War.  The dresses have been spectacular.)

Hubby and I have a short, friendly discussion about this.  We've been married a long time, so agreeing to differ is by now relatively painless.  But I'm left undecided.  What do you think?  Modern or retro?  Trendy or vintage?  Or a mix of both?  Your opinions, please, lovely blog followers.


  1. Mix :) I can see where you're coming from with the tribal angle, but I can also see what your OH is saying - it's the pearls, I think!

  2. I think they're a lovely mix of both - I can defintiely see the modern edge to them, as well as the vintage feel :) you're both right! x

  3. I don't know what to say, these days retro is very trendy, just as modern, isn't it?
    Can't put them in a categorie. They are very beautiful, and that's good! : )
    Love the red and white together and the swirls. Pretty! Don't mind him! ; )
    Beata x

  4. Definitely a mix of both

    signed an avid Downton Abbey Fan, x

  5. Definitely "eye catching"!
    Got that mod, retro, appeal, and striking with the red and white color combo.
    Certainly would be a lovely pair to wear for yourself, or gift, for the Holidays!
    Beautiful work as always, Alison :)

  6. Very eye-catching. I'd describe them as tribal/ethnic with a feminine pearly twist!


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