Tuesday, 2 November 2010

BESTeam weekly feature: Mysticwynd on Etsy

It's a real pleasure to feature Mysticwynd this week, as I've had the honour of having items included in her fantastic blog a couple of times.  We'll come to the shop in a minute, but while on the subject of the blog, you need to know it's probably the busiest and more interesting space on the web you've ever seen!  There are links to post that contain recipes, to tutorials and treasuries, to doses of daily inspiration, and my favourite bit, to future features, including the colour wheel of fortune, where you can see a calender of forthcoming features and submit your item to be considered.  Some of the themes are particular colours, others are more specific themes, others are looking for features on particular types of shop.  Whenever I visit, I end up getting distracted!  And whenever I've had something on the blog, the increase in views for that item have been significant, so well worth checking out.

Karen, based in Scottsdale, AZ,  advises you to pull up a chair for her blog, but I think you really need skates!  She clearly gets her energy from her belief and interest in the arts, and spiritual things, and her talents, as well as jewellery making, include poetry and not least of all, coordinating the BESTeam!

When she's not using her energy helping to promote others, Karen makes beautiful jewellery.  Each piece is one of a kind, and every one tells a story. Do click on the pics below to read the fascinating symbolism and associations for each item.

A couple of festive items first - those Christmas trees are so sweet.  And the jangling wine charms will keep you awake if you've overindulged at the yuletide table!

mysticwynd mysticwynd

Next, a burst of complementary tropical colors with these lively shell earrings, then blue with rainbow colors in this chakra necklace.  Blue's such a versatile color!

mysticwynd mysticwynd

This eyeglass holder is an unusual item, and I love the way it's displayed here in a heart - inspired! And lastly, this stunning 'Spirit of the Sonoran Desert' necklace - perfect with the season's tribal geometric trend.

mysticwynd mysticwynd

Check out more at the links below:

on Twitter ( http://twitter.com/mysticwynd )
on Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/mysticwynd )
on my blog ( http://mysticwynd.blogspot.com )
on Handmade Spark ( http://www.handmadespark.com/myspark/MysticWynd )
on Creating The Hive ( http://creatingthehive.com/?referring_user=mysticwynd )

and visit Karen's other Etsy shops:

TheCraftersCabinet - destash and supplies

MWElegance - Bridal & Special Occasion Jewelry and Accessories

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  1. The Christmas tree earrings are precious! I agree with you, Karen is a truly amazing woman with endless amounts of energy! Love her and her wonderful shop!


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