Friday, 13 August 2010

Folksy Friday: Shops you should visit Part Two

Here are some more undiscovered shops nominated by lovely Folksy sellers.  There are links back to some great nominating shops as well.  Enjoy!

Laura Groom Bear Graphics

1. Laura Groom Jewellery nominated by starsNscars
2. Bear Graphics nominated by amyorangejuice

Cinnamon and Hill Stitches by Emmy Lou

3. Cinnamon Hill nominated by jkj
4. Stitches by Emmy Lou nominated by Lauras Little Lovelies


  1. I love the rustic style signs by Cinnamon Hill - I wouldn't mind a G&T either!

  2. Im inspired to try the G&T diet, sounds fab!x

  3. Another lovely interesting selection. The photo is gorgeous.

  4. what a lot of gorgeous things! thanks for including my choice


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