Tuesday, 17 August 2010

BESTeam weekly feature: Sandyvern on Etsy

It's a pleasure to feature Sandyvern this week, especially as she shares my love of animals and runs a pet sitting service.  If only she weren't many miles away in Stamford, Connecticut, I'd love to use that for Lucca!

Anyway, not content with that skill, she is also an all-round crafter with a beautiful Etsy shop selling traditionally hand-made soaps and bath products, as well as stitch markers and earrings, knitted toys etc. And there's a second shop at Simplysandythings specialising in earrings and charms.

Browsing the shop is a real pleasure, because the soaps and bath bombs are not only made of pure natural ingredients, they also look good too!   Being a child at heart, I've had to pick some of the animal ones ;-)  I reckon you could even get little ones to enjoy washing with these.

The knitting soap would be a great present for a crafter too!

Love the way these bath bombs are presented as flowers as well.  This is scrumptious oatmeal - guess it's best not to eat it, even though it sounds delicious!

These 'soapsicles' are another tempting treat as well.  They really do look good enough to eat!
There's a whole Hogwarts section as well, for those of you who are Harry Potter fans :-)
You can find out more about Sandyvern by visiting the blog at http://theadventuresofsandyvern.blogspot.com


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