Wednesday, 11 August 2010

BESTeam weekly feature: Moonangelny on Etsy

It's a real pleasure to feature a fellow Etsians who is based in the UK, only a few miles up the road from me in Birmingham.  Us Midlanders should stick together! Moonangelnay is Naomi, a photographer, avid blogger and all-round artistic person.  As well as a really well-stocked shop specialising in stunning photos, ACEOs and photo pendants, Naomi has opened another store on Etsy, BabaMoon, to sell her beautiful baby knits.  With little ones of her own (you can see how cute they are in the photos on her blog), I think Naomi probably qualifies as a supermom!

It's really hard to pick favourites from these images, but I've always had a thing for snow!  This print is amazing colours - greens and blues - wow!

I love this one, too, entitled 'Blush'

And this wandering sheep is so cool, s/he just had to be included

I love the way these images are often of everday things, but shot so as to look just that little bit different, to make you think differently (and think twice) about the art all around us.

You can find about more about this fascinating artist (and shop for baby accessories too!) here


  1. Love the top one too, the colours are just so perfect. Gotta feel sorry for the poor old sheep wandering away there - looks like me on a bad day!

  2. she does have a great "eye" for images.

  3. hi sorry for the delay in response to your amazing write up of my work! thanks ever so much im really grateful!


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