Thursday, 23 September 2010

The power of chance or how to improve your earring shots by serendipity


The whole household, even the dog, slept late on Sunday morning. We are all still pretty exhausted from the holiday! So that is how I discovered, by chance, that the lunch time light is just as good for taking photos as the early morning. But the bigger revelation was yet to come... 

Earrings have always been a bit of a nightmare to photograph. They just don't hang as they would from your ear when placed on a flat surface, and even on an earring tree, it's just not the same as being in someones ear, and the light is blocked behind the hanging beads. 


The sun had warped the piece of silver card I normally use for flat shots. Just to see what would happen, I rested a pair of drop earrings from the edge of the warped card and put my camera in close. 


It wasn't quite the angle I needed, but still it was a promising shot. I reached for the nearest book to wedge them a bit higher ("Beginners Italian" free with one of the papers a while ago!) And that was it. 


The angle seemed to be nearly perfect, with the light beautifully enhancing the semi precious stones instead of darkening them. Whether that will always be the case, who knows, but I'm pleased enough with the results for one day. 

So my top photography tip is have a good lie in on a Sunday, and let nature and the power of the sun help you out! The downside is I now have loads of photographs to retake but never mind, that's quite a nice problem to have. 

I hope you like the new pictures. Let me know what you think.


  1. A very good short read. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  2. I think the photos are excellent, I hadn't thought of using a metallic surface, it's quite effective.

  3. This is just want i needed to find out, thanks for you light bulb moment xx

  4. Well taken and shows off your ear-rings to perfection. It's always difficult to know how best to show something off - I keep changing my mind all the time and haven't yet found the perfect way. Taking a photo straight down onto a square card always gives it a kind of bevelled edge somehow. I might try finding a corner and just standing them up - au naturel as they say. At least you have stumbled on a good way - I'm still stumbling!!

  5. very nice,really brings out the depth of colour in the beads! fav are the leaf earrings:)

  6. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! (-;

  7. I love the idea of a metallic surface. I've got some glass studs ready to photograph but was waiting for inspiration. Thanks


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