Sunday, 26 September 2010

Chaos and confusion

Blue Forest Jewellery is in a proper maelstrom!  The effects of a busy working week in the day job, the thousands of ideas for pieces that are filling up my ideas book at a rate of knots, the fact that the dog needs walking earlier in the day because the evenings are getting shorter, the need to find somewhere to stay near Swansea for mother-in-laws imminent operation - it's all adding up to putting me in a right pickle.  And to top it all, the OH is out and I've had to navigate my way to the kitchen and explore the mysteries of the fridge!

This is my beading table.  Frightening, isn't it?  It's not uncommon for people to find WW2 bombs in their gardens here in Coventry (thankfully can't recall anyone ever been hurt as a result), and you might be forgiven for thinking that one had exploded in my living room, but no, I have no such excuse. 

Odd really, because my desk at the day job is always kept paper-free.  My shop paperwork, on the other hand, is also chaotic.  Since I decided not to list the same pieces on Etsy and Folksy and Dreamaid and set up a new spreadsheet to keep track, I've been in total confusion.  Oh, and I'm trying to launch a new 'tribal geometric' range, and can't decide which shop to put it in.

Enough moaning!  The beading table has to stay messy - though perhaps not that messy - because when I tidy up, the ideas always seem to dry up too.  And I'm sure the shops will be fine.  So long as I don't customers the wrong item, nothing can be too wrong, can it?

So how do you keep organised?  Any tips gratefully received.


  1. Call this untidy? You should see my desk...........


  2. I am in the same state. Day job and dog and shortening days. I need more time to myself. At least you have your shops I can't even seem to get up enough resolve to open one.

  3. All craft areas I think end up in a right pickle. I have a small desk in one of the bedrooms and the bed is where everything gets thrown on and by the end of the evening it looks like someone has had a tantrum and upended everything. Still, for the amount of things you are juggling at the same time, I reckon you are pretty organised.

  4. Apologies to Jo at Unique Beaded Gems whose comment Blogger decided to delete! Here it is:

    You should see my spare room! This is my fulltime job and I still don't seem to tidy up properly very often! Fortunately from chaos come some of my better ideas. Often when I think about tidying the beads away there will be a couple of bags lying together and I think "hang on a minute they work well together" and another creation is born! If I tidied up too much this may not happen! Wouldn't change it! Jo x


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