Friday, 28 May 2010

Folksy Friday - It's Orange

Asked for orange nominations, the Folksy Folk came up with these little beauties

wharfedale woolworks Clare's creationsThe Sequinned Sheep
PrintforLoveofWoododdsox BeadyPool

1.  You could make something really striking with this wool by Wharfedale Woolworks.  I could only make a mess of knots, but other talented people could do lovely things!
2. Fishy is very happy to be wishing you a happy birthday from Clare's Creations
3. Brighten up your keys with this keyfob from The Sequinned Sheep
4.  Why not send a note instead of an email today?  From Print for Love of Wood
5.  Has Mommy sock monkey been out too long in the recent sunshine without a hat?! Oddsox
6.  Luscious lampwork by Beady Pool
There were lots of other lovely nominations so look out for 'Orange - Part 2' another Friday.



  1. Beautiful colour matches on these unrelated items!!! So cool! Love Shaz's sock monkey!

    Natalie x

  2. Love the Orange! Sock Monkey is soooo cute but they're alll great! Di x

  3. Thanks for including my monkey family Alison. They're in very good company! I'm loving the dotty necklace from Beady Pool.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring Beady Pool's nasturtium necklace. Love the camera printed cards too. Off to check out their shop. Vx

  5. Thanks Alison for featuring my letterpress notes ;) The keyfob might stop me from loosing my keys all the time, maybe I should commission a huge one :0

  6. Thanks for featuring my fishy card! Some great finds here x

  7. thats a gorgeous warm selection...hope the sun shines that brightly for the bank holiday xx

  8. A gorgeous selection!

    Thanks for featuring my yarn :)



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