Friday, 14 May 2010

Folksy Friday: Cute corsages

Check out these lovely flower corsages - perfect for weddings or just everyday, they make me think of summer and the outdoors!

This pretty felt brooch by sandrute is such beautiful colours

This one by LittleRedDesigns is a little different... What a lovely idea!

You would have to buy 6 of these from Quilting Demon because they look so fantastic together!

And finally....
a real splash of sunshine from Sunshine Days!


  1. These are all so bright and cheerful - I really like the mix of colours of the one from Sandrute

  2. Lovely summery picks, the leather corsage is really unusual.
    Cate x

  3. ohh I love the leather one, very different :)

  4. Thanks for featuring my leather corsage on your great blog :-)

  5. Really lovely choices - I like the citrus and lilac shades in the corsage from sandrute.


  6. Thanks for featuring my corsage's on your blog. Its lovely to see all the other ideas people have, and how creative they are!


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