Friday, 16 April 2010

Folksy Friday - Blue Waves

I fancied some blue waves as tomorrow I'm off to the seaside - hurray! And blue is my favourite colour.

Harbour life print by Zebedee Handmade card by my little design shop
Suncatcher by Diomo glass Notebook by All Things Bright
Bag by Crafty Clairy Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics

Aren't they pretty? Click on each picture to visit the lovely shops represented here.

I must fly - packing to do...


  1. What a wonderful selection - we were just talking about a possible trip to the coast - sea's a bit cold for me yet, but I can almost breathe the sea air looking at these.

  2. Well, that sets such a lovely scene! Thanks for using my sea waves panel too!

  3. Thanks so much for picking my notebook, the selection looks great. Have a lovely time at the seaside!

  4. Zebedees print is gorgeous...some great choices!!

  5. beautiful choices!! makes me wish i was up home by the sea... zebedees print is gorgeous

  6. Thank you for featuring my bowl, it is in good company here! The colours remind me of being in the sea, I'm going on holiday to Tunisia in 2 weeks so this is a perfect selection of images to keep me excited!

  7. Thank you for featuring my card on your wonderful blog....i had almost given up on them so it like a 'fresh sea breeze' seeing it featured here,...and has made me all excited again....and its great too see such other wonderful selections.......


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