Tuesday, 13 April 2010

BESTeam weekly feature: Keiglass on Etsy

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Tuscon red glass pendant Austin green and orange glass pendant
Inverness glass pendant Conifer green glass pendant
Durango blue glass pendant Avon glass pendant

This little rainbow selection comes from Keiglass - click on each picture to find out more. Keiglass is Kat, who makes beautiful dichroic glass jewellery and object d’art and is based in Denver, Colorado. Having started out producing beautiful pendants and earrings in a range of lovely jewel colours, Kat is now branching out into a wider range of glass objects, starting with zipper pulls and windchimes. So watch this space for lots more craft-related home ideas from this shop.

This Venice glass pendant really caught my eye with its bold blue and greens and its translucent qualities

Venice glass pendant by Keiglass

it would make anyone want to be on the Grand Canal!

Each object tells a story, with the pendants named after some of the beautiful places that Kat has visited. It’s great to have a piece of jewellery that’s a reminder of somewhere, isn’t it? Inspired by places like Rome, Athens, Tokyo and Sydney, they really conjure up some of the colours and flavours of those cities.

I also love this sunrise set – the reds, pinks and oranges are so cheerful and life-affirming and the glass pieces are really glowing

Sunrise orange glow pendant by Keiglass
All pieces are one of a kind and Keiglass also accept custom orders, so you’ll probably never meet anyone with an identical pendant, earrings or home accessory.

Kat also shares another of my passions – dogs – so I just had to include a pic of the lovely pooches! Here they are relaxing:
kat dogs

You can also find Keiglass at her website, on her blog and on Facebook and on Twitter


  1. Excelent feature! I live the colors in her glass pieces. ;)

  2. I meant "love" but live works too!

  3. Great feature for a talented artist!


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