Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The dog's blog: In training

This is me at the end of the Pennine Way in Scotland.
Just a quick blog from me - I've been in serious training since I got back from holiday for my assessment tomorrow and not had time to blog much.  I've never had an assessment before and tomorrow someone will decide if I'm suitable to be a Pets as Therapy dog - there's a link there if you've not heard of the charity which arranges for dogs (and cats) to visit hospitals, hospices and care homes.  Mum thinks I might be suitable, and that having a 'job' would be good stimulation for me.  I don't mind at all, especially if it involves more fussing and petting and lots more people giving me treats. 

So wish me luck.  I've been practising the tasks really hard and the only one I'm really struggling with is not mouthing my brush.  It would just be so much fun to get that brush in my mouth and run like the blazes away from mummy and have a really good chew of it...

Love Lucca  x


  1. Oh well done Luca, sure you will make an excellent PAT dog, a friend of Alfie's has just passed his assessment he is a Parsons Jack Russel.
    dont forget to let us know how you get on.

    &Alfie x

  2. What a fabulous idea Lucca. I have been in to see my owners dad and I was very well behaved, although after half an hour I was getting rather bored, so just lay down. I wonder if I would make a good PAT dog cause I love people to bits and am very gentle and now being 4 years years old quite good if I have had a good walk first. xxx Holly

  3. Good Luck Lucca, I hope you pass your test.
    My cousin Jeb is just going through the stages now, my late couin Bonny was a PAT dog and she raved about it, no matter what noises there were she never flinched, i'm to jumpy so not something i will experiance.
    But will be happy to celebrate your success with you.

  4. good luck Lucca :) Such a great thing to do!


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