Tuesday, 13 July 2010

My recent handmade lovelies...

..I had this lovely bag bought for me as a birthday present.

Looks like a lovely bag with a great print, perfect for the summer, doesn't it?

All that is true, but as well, this clever creation is a work-out for your creativity and knotting skills.  You can make a whole variety of bags in different shapes just by tying the fabric in different ways.

It's called furoshiki and Mich, who runs myfuroshiki stores on Dreamaid, Folksy, Etsy and Coriander produces them in a variety of fabrics. There are also other materials for wrapping gifts and presents available too.  Visit the shop and the blog to see the many styles you can make.  Such a great idea and an original gift for someone too.

Once you've got a furoshiki you never need buy another bag.  However, that doesn't stop me.  I'm a bag-a-holic.

I saw this lovely creation on Folksy from jentwinkle while I was taking part in the June loons challenge (listing one item every day for the whole of June - phew!)  I like cross-body bags because of my back problems, and Jen was kind enough to adapt this one with a longer strap for me.  It's really beautiful with the buttons and embroidery, and the first time I used it it was admired straight away - there's a dental receptionist with great taste!  Take a look round Jen's Folksy store for a variety of items all equally careful crafted and pretty.

So no bags for a while now.  The OH keeps saying no more bags until we have a bigger house.  But he makes an exception for special occasions.  So with the dog's birthday and our wedding anniversary coming up, I should be OK for the next couple of months ;-)

A blue and brown paisley print hobo style bag is next on my list....

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  1. So glad you like your furoshiki bag - and happy belated birthday :) Mich


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