Monday, 12 July 2010

BESTeam weekly feature: CutesyBootsie on Etsy

It's official - CutesyBootsie on Etsy is a knitter's paradise!  These hand knitted items are made by Brook in South Florida but will keep you warm whatever climate your inhabit.  In a great variety of lovely colours, this shop's owner is the servant of one dog, George Bailey, and two cats, Opie and Jewels, and uses knitting as a stress reliever after a heavy day teaching at the chalk face.
Here are a few of my favourite items.  Click directly on any picture to be taken to this lovely store.

CutesyBootsie CutesyBootsieCutesyBootsie
CutesyBootsieCutesyBootsie CutesyBootsie

I love the different stitches and colour combinations in these scarves.  Those chunky knits make you long for cooler weather so you can cosy up and get your autumn wardrobe out!  And if you like the style, but want a different colour, Brook is quite happy to knit you a custom item.

Want pictures of the pets? George Bailey appears as Brook's Etsy avatar, and you can see him and the lovely Opie on Brook's blog.  George Bailey is described as '11 pounds of bad ass Chihuahua-terrier' so even from four thousand miles away I know that my lovely Labrador Lucca dog would absolutely go mad to have him as a playmate - he loves the feisty ones! Lucca is about 70 pounds but he'd be real gentle with him...:-)

Want another reason to stock up now?  Well, Cutesy is offering free international shipping all summer.  So just go for it!

You can find out more about CutesyBootsie
on her Blog,
by following her on Twitter,
or on Facebook.


  1. My mom knits so I have an idea of how much time and love and creativity is involved with each of these pieces which by the way, are gorgeous!

  2. I'm a knitter too, and her scarves are great! I love the orange one, of course.

  3. I've never knitted it always seemed so confusing, but these are lovely.


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