Friday, 16 July 2010

Folksy Friday: Funky Wedding

Little Bird Too Alexandra Tiarafraggierocks
nappycakebakeryI do take U! Accidental Vix

It's the ideal time for summer weddings, isn't it? My own, 20 years ago this summer, wasn't exactly a traditional white affair! So I thought I'd feature some alternative creations from talented Folksy sellers today.

Click on any of the pictures to be taken directly to these lovely shops.


  1. lovely collection Congrats for your 20 year anniversary :-)
    Love your choices the beaded fascinator is fantastic.

  2. I adore the bird card - so many other great items in you blog.

    Happy anniversary!

    Jacqueline x

  3. Love Vix's cards, I am a big fan, but those little birds are literally too cute for words!

    Natalie x

  4. Awww. That bird card is very cute. Gorgeous other picks too. I'm after a fascinator for a friends wedding but I'm not sure that gorgeous creation will go with my mucky green dress!
    ps. Congrats on your 20th Wedding anniversary

  5. Happy 20 years! Thank you so much for featuring my your blog, and all the choices :)


  6. Wow thanks for featuring my fascinator, fab blog too! x


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