Friday, 30 July 2010

Folksy Friday Green Apples

The apples on my tree are just about to start turning from green to red now (assuming a bit of helpful sunshine comes along!) and they inspired today's picks! Click on any of the picture to be taken to the shop

ialbert heart zeena's shopshoples
cute creations love poppetHave a thing about me

1. This striking fine art print by ialbert would make a fabulous wall hanging

2. This lovely screen printed cushion is called Audrey, and comes with a red or green apple to suit your preference. Beautifully handmade by heart zeena's lovely little shop

3. Apple handmade soap by Shoples - you can smell it from here, can't you? (Love the shop name too!)

4. How could you not smile at this green apple ring by cute creations?

5. You could almost squeeze the pips out of the padded keyring from love poppet 

6. These apple earrings are completely handmade from wood and a vinyl record by Have a Thing about Me

This Folksy Friday is a bit late, due to blogger giving me some grief earlier.  But I'm able to post now, thanks to the help of a very kind military guy from Holland who was on the blogger help forums at just the right time.  Thank you, complete stranger!!

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  1. Lovely collection and thanks for featuring my work in your blog.I've spread the word in my twitter and Facebook.


  2. Making my mouth water with all those lovely greens. Had problem with blogger myself at times, so frustrating isn't it? But, battle on we do. You cannot let your public down Alison - I look forward to searching for your blogs.

  3. Chrissy - this blogging can be a real responsibility, can't it?

    Thanks for spreading the word, Indira :-)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Lovely stuff. Mmmm green apple soap, that takes me back a few years!


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