Monday, 28 November 2011

Handmade Monday: recent jewellery creations

Hi all,
Have been neglecting this little blog recently - poor thing!  But now I'm over my little op and back into the crafting mode, I thought I'd share a couple of recent makes with you.

Firstly, this woven bracelet and earrings set.  You might have seen the bracelet before as I made a prototype in the rubies and one in the emeralds and couldn't decide which I liked best.  Blog followers voted for the rubies, so I kept the emeralds for myself!  Then decided to do earrings to match.  One thing I learned was that it's probably best not to attempt a weaving design where you need to get left and right as mirror opposites when you've recently had a general anaesthetic and lots of morphine afterwards!  I had several failures before eventually cracking these ;-)

It's getting to feel a lot like Christmas is creeping up around here, so I've resurrected and remade these snowmen earrings.  I think they should really be called 'snowpeople' but there you go!

These amethyst beaded bead earrings are a variation on the carnelian ones I did for Comic Relief.  The basis ball of beads was made in the same way as this tutorial.  They are really purple but look blue somehow in all the photos.

That's probably enough for now.  Back soon!

Here's the link to see what others handmade crafters have been doing this week.


  1. Gosh, I would be delighted to find any of those jewels in my Xmas stocking, I love the Autumnal shades in the earrings and bracelet set, they are super!

  2. Snow people, snow men... still lovely earrings. I can officially get my Christmas jewellery out by the end of the week. Can't wait!

  3. They look great especially the snow people. The matching bracelet and earrings set at the top of the page should sell well all year round, the bright colours remind me of fruits. x

  4. Gorgeous - love the snow people!

  5. Great snowmen/people earrings!

    Ali x

  6. Great makes as always, even under the influence of drugs!! Hoping you are much better now. xx

  7. Pretty creations, love the colours of the woven set

  8. Earrings and bracelet set remind me of tropical fruit, they're lovely and very unusual

  9. Those are stunning! I really love the first set. I guess if it would make me able to make some of those I'll have what you're having! ;)


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