Monday, 19 September 2011

Handmade Monday

Well I've been away and missed a couple of Handmade Mondays, so I thought I'd come back with a tutorial on how to make a beaded bead.  I know at least one person who wants the instructions!  They are very simple when you get the hang of them.

You'll need:
15 beads
A headpin
Some glue
Thread - preferably monofilament

I'm using a thicker beading thread for the demo so you can see it, and different coloured beads to make it easier to follow.

Step 1

Thread 3 beads

Step 2

Thread a fourth bead by crossing both ends of the thread through the bead.  Now you're weaving :-)

Step 3
Pull the ends of the thread right through the last bead until it is sitting on top of the other beads, forming a diamond shape.

Step 4

Thread one more bead onto each of the ends of the thread

Step 5

Thread the next bead by crossing the ends of the thread through the bead again

Step 6

Continue to thread a bead on to each side of the thread, then thread another bead by crossing the ends of the thread through, until you have a 'ladder' of 12 beads.  The beads will start to curl up, but that's not a problem.

Step 7

Instead of adding another bead, thread the two ends of the beading thread through the bead at the bottom of the 'ladder'.

Step 8

Put a loose bead into the centre of the ladder

Step 9

Pull the threads tight and the round shaped beady bead will appear, as if by magic!  To make the beady bead as sturdy as possible, weave the thread back through as many beads as possible then tie the two ends in a knot and apply some jewellery glue.  When the glue is dry, snip the excess threads off.

Step 10

Thread one of the remaining beads on to the headpin and put the headpin through the drill hole in the loose bead that you put into the middle of the beady bead.  Yours will look neater because you've snipped the threads.

Step 11

Put the final bead on the top of the headpin, make a wrapped loop and you're ready to use your beady bead.  Simples!

They look nice as earrings

or in a necklace or bracelet

Happy weaving!

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  1. thanks so much for posting this - I am definitely going to try it:)

  2. A great tutorial - thank you. The necklaces are very pretty, especially the first one.


  3. ooooooh lovely thank you, I love those earrings. Yours is the first jewellery tute I've seen

  4. It looks really complicated but you make it look so easy to follow, it is very effective. Really stunning jewellery.

    Jan :o)

  5. That's a great tutorial, and it looks so pretty. Thanks!

  6. It looks like a really clear tutorial - and such a lovely end result!

  7. What a fabby tutorial. From the way you have written it, I really think I might be able to tackle it... and the results are gorgeous!

  8. Great tutorial. I have been wondering how to make these. Thanks.

  9. So cute! thanks for sharing.

  10. thnaks for this -just found your blog

  11. Thanks for the tutorial, I'm loving the technique!

    I've linked your tutorial here:

  12. I love these, and you can obviously use them in so many ways! Can you explain what "monofilament" thread is? Maybe there is another name we might be familiar with? Thank you for sharing so much with us!!

    1. Hi there. Monofilament is very similar to fishing line - in fact, I think some people do get their supplies from the DIY store!

    2. Oh, I know exactly what you mean, and I actually have some...thank you!!


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