Monday, 10 October 2011

Handmade Monday: clasps and flowers

 I've been messing around with wire again and begun a quest for my favourite handmade clasp!  These are some of the contenders.

Some days, I like the more complex ones and other times, I'm really attracted to the simpler models.  What do you think? 

As well as these, I found a wonderful tutorial on how to make wire work flowers and now I'm getting a bit obsessed with making them!

 Dinky, aren't they?  So far, I've made them in every type of wire I have, so it's about time I started using them.  Here's a pair of earrings which I think might be the most delicate that I've ever made, combined with my favourite beads at the moment, red and green Brazilian jade.

Want to see what everyone else is up to?  
Here's the link to find out what other Handmade Monday folk have been making this week.  


  1. I just love the idea that the clasp is handmade as well as the rest of the piece! They are fab. Those little wire flowers are just lovely too! x

  2. The flowers are delightful... they remind me of Celtic work. What sort of wire do you work in?

  3. very clever! original and eye catching design :)

  4. The red and green beads are lovely, no wonder they are your favourite of the moment. Your wire work is really neat, I like the idea of handmade clasps.

    Jan x

  5. Thank you for sharing the tutorial, I bookmarked it, hopefully I will eventually get to all the things I've bookmarked! :) Those are all so pretty, I don't know, I just like different thing. The flowers are really really awesome! :)

  6. I really like the colour of this wire, it looks quite steampunky. Pretty flowers :) Have a lovely week. Anna x

  7. Thanks for all your lovely comments!

    Ros Made Me - it's Artistic Wire antique bronze in 20 gauge. Nice and soft to work with, but very easy to mar if you're not careful.

    Alison x

  8. Love your blog Alison - you always make such great things Mich x


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