Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The dog's blog: An update on my assessment

Hello again,
Lots of you were kind enough to wish me luck with my Pets as Therapy assessment last week (see this blog if you missed it) - thank you.  Well, I'm happy to report it went really well - I got top marks in everything except that right at the start I pulled a bit, which I always do when I'm excited because I'm in a new place.  Even when I was being brushed, I totally resisted the temptation to even try eating the brush!

Mummy and Daddy were so pleased with me that I was immediately taken to Pets at Home to get treats (and a little tug toy gift for my friend Buddy who kindly lent me his short lead for the assessment).  Then we went to the park for a lunchtime walk where I met another three friends, the retired guide dogs, who are always great fun to run around with. 

After all that activity, I was totally flaked for the afternoon! 

Now the forms have to go back to the Pets as Therapy office where they decide whether I'm suitable, which could take three months.  The whole thing was nearly off when Mummy discovered she had to include a photograph of herself with the application as she's totally phobic about having her photo taken.  Anyway, she's decided she can always wear a balaclava during the visits so as not to scare the patients!  Finding a photo of me was not a problem as the place is full of them.  I chose this one where I think I look calm and serene :-)

See you soon,
Lucca  x


  1. Well done Lucca, sounds like you had a great day, I hope you get your approval through soon, Think of all the cuddles and pats you'll be getting, hopefully it will make the waiting time pass quickly.
    Jasper x

  2. Well done Lucca - your photo is lovely - I am soo in love xx Holly

  3. Well done Lucca we never doubted you. What a handsome boy you look in that photo.

    Great job you and your Mummy are going to do.

    Lynda & Alfie x


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