Monday, 17 October 2011

Handmade Monday: Beaded stars and flowers

This week I decided it was time to take on board the fact that it will soon be Christmas - I've been in denial for a while!  This star or flower could be a little bit festive, so I thought I'd post a little tutorial in case you want to make your own.

You will need:
  • 25 beads for each star or flower
  • Monofilament or beading thread
  • Jewellery glue (optional)

I used 6mm beads which make quite a chunky star about 4.5cm across.  I've used two colours of beads in this example just to show how you are basically creating a circle and five little triangles and to make the explanation easier.  The two colours could be an interesting effect though!

1. To start, thread 3 beads on a long strand of monofilament.
2. Cross the two ends of the monofilament across a fourth bead...
3. ...pull the ends of the monofilament so the beads form a diamond shape
4. Add 5 more beads to one end of the monofilament (keep using the same end of the mono to thread the beads on from now on, but you will need to keep pulling the other end tight as you continue beading)
5.  Put the end of the thread that you added the 5 beads onto back through the second of those 5 beads
6.  Pull the monofilament so that it forms another diamond shape next to the first one, separated by one extra bead as shown in the diagram
7. Repeat steps 4-6 again to form another point of the star
8. Repeat steps 4-6 again twice to form the last two points of the star
9. You can see that the purple beads will form the inner circle, and you need one more to complete the design so thread on that additional bead by crossing the two end of the monofilament through it
10. When you pull the threads through, you'll see the star shape forming - nearly done!
11. The first thing you'll notice is that the star is quite floppy (!) and the two ends of the monofilament are not in the same place.  Start to rectify this by threading one end of the monofilament through all the inner circle beads, then threading through each of the points of the star in order.
12.  Once you've done all the extra threading, the monofilament ends should be in the same place and now you can knot them and glue the knot.

Your star or flower is now ready to use as you wish.  Perhaps a necklace, bracelet or Christmas decoration?  They look nice in neutral colours as well as the brights.

This one I've made into a simple necklace

Here's the link to see what others handmade crafters have been doing this week.


  1. Thanks for this tutorial, I`m not a regular beader but just tried it & was pleasantly surprised that it actually looked a bit like your pictures,(not quite as tightly threaded but not bad) will practise a few more times then try to make some to go on our tree. :-)
    Diane x

  2. What a lovely lil tree decoration. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great to know that the instructions work and that some of these are going to decorating Christmas trees :-)

    Alison x

  4. Thanks, awesome tutorial! I will have to try this, I am not much of a beader, but I think I could do it! :)

  5. Many thanks for the tutorial - the starts look lovely, especially the one with the brown beads.

  6. What a lovely tutorial - looks easy to follow, which is fab x

  7. Super tutorial thanks for sharing and yes it would make the perfect Christmas decoration.

  8. OMG, you are amazing!
    Love this, and I am saving it as well :)

    Thanks so much!

  9. Thank so much for this - it will look great with an idea I have for a decoration Mich x

  10. Great tutorial with nice clear pictures :) Will have to give it a go (any excuse to buy more beads!)


  11. so great! thanks a lot for sharing! simple is pretty! x x x

  12. That looks such an easy to follow tutorial I may give it a go, Thank you.

    Jan :o)

  13. It would be great to see these stars, so if you do make them up and use them for decorations for Christmas, drop me a photo at and I'll put them together in a blog post in December.

    Alison x


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