Saturday, 1 January 2011

A dangerous start to the year!

Walked the coastal path today - or perhaps the correct term is 'slithered' the coastal path, due to the prevalence of very slippery mud. 

We liked these warning signs - so reassuring, not!

OH points out that viewed upside down the message is 'beware of strange men scrabbling up the cliff side'!

Fabulous views can be had from risking your life on the coastal path.  It was quite a busy New Years Day on Broadhaven beach.

The sea was quite a nice shade of turquoise - odd because the sky was very grey and it was sort of raining at the time.

The dog has a tendency to go flat out after a couple of seaside walks!

Happy New Year, blog followers :-)


  1. Thats lovely, enjoyed the read and the pics. Thank you. Linda

  2. That`s odd just posted a comment, did the security bit, glanced away and its gone.
    Will say it again. Enjoyed the read and the pics, liked your OH`s version of the sign.

  3. Love the photos Alison, you were very energetic for such an early start to the New Year

  4. Happy New Year to you. Just off to the beach myself now. Will beware of scrabbling men!

  5. Hi Alison.

    My "New Years" resolution is to work on my Blog and be more consistent!


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