Friday, 21 January 2011

The Bronze Age cometh!

So, today I sold these earrings on Folksy, but at the request of the lovely customer involved, I revamped them so that instead of silver there are in an 'antique bronze' finish.  I've never worked with anything but silver before, and I can only wear sterling silver in my ears now (punishment for years of abuse wearing trash-y earrings in my teens!), but now .... I really liked how these little lovelies looked, and I'd had to buy more than I needed of antique bronze findings, so I'm thinking I'll do some more.  What do you think?

They bronze version look very baroque to me and remind me a bit of Venice somehow.  I'm thinking of a little bracelet now, with the same combination of brown glass hearts as charms, carnelian beads and watermelon antique bronze spacers.

And thanks again to Jackie, for commissioning these, for sparking the creative idea and for buying! What a great customer :-)


  1. I do like the bronze effect. Still have a few sets left from when I made jewellery long long ago, will watch out for your next lot.
    Listed some findings in my destash shop the other day, sadly only one lot remains now.

    Lynda x

  2. Beautiful!
    I usually decide on the finish depending on the colours I'm using and chose the one goes with it better. I haven't worked with bronze yet, but really enjoy copper.
    Beata x

  3. I like the bronze with the brown, it goes nicely. But I do find that bronze sends my ears black! Charming effect.

  4. The bronze compliments the hearts beautifully.

  5. I agree the bronze complements the glass hearts. I like the effect, a little softer than brass.

  6. WOW Alison, congradulations on the sale, YIPPEE :)
    The buyer also made a fine choice too!
    Thats very cool that you were able to accomodate her.

    Have a good day :)


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