Monday, 3 January 2011

BESTeam weekly feature: OfftheWallExpression on Etsy

Tina from Indiana, runs Off the Wall Expression with her husband Mick.  They specialise in contemporary and stylish vinyl graphics for homes and businesses.  What is great about this shop is that it really takes wall art to another level, and the examples of how to dress a room to show off the wall graphics are really inspiring.  As Tina says, the only limit is your own imagination, and you can use these state-of-the-art decorations to express yourself, share ideas, make you and your visitors laugh, or simply to look stunningly beautiful. 

My picks come in that last category, making your walls look stunning!  Love the plain background decoration with a splash of colour, shape and form. For me, these three also help to bring the wonder of nature inside and that's something I really go for!

Love this - there's a cool refreshing breeze always blowing through this room, and there's movement and life there too.

Birds are so in vogue at the moment, aren't they, this one could make your room look like a magazine feature!

Imagine waking in the morning to this burst of citrus energy.  The sun would always be shining with this on the wall.

All the decals come with application instructions and are so reasonably priced that this shop makes changing your home environment easy and inexpensive. 

You can follow Tina and Mick further through these links:


  1. Very nice, and what a great shop. Love the slices of fruit! I can almost smell the citrus fragrance.
    As I reflect on the photo, I could easily imagine all pieces in MY kitchen, such a great set up.

  2. WOW I love that top one with the seeds blowing away - how great would that look


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