Friday, 14 May 2010

A great new way to sell on Dreamaid

Giving to charity always make you feel a bit brighter and better, doesn't it?  And the benefits to others are undoubted.  That's why I'm really happy to have opened a shop on Dreamaid, a great new selling concept that allows you to donate a percentage of the purchase price of your items to charity.

Dreamaid supports a number of causes including education projects in Brazil as well as promoting the global handcrafting market.  Sellers can decide what percentage of the selling price goes towards charity.

There are some great sellers on the site already.  Check out these lovely items. Click on any of the pictures to be taken to the shop:

mochalulu chicitahamespun
top floor treasuresscentsible Aromas loulousluxuries

1. 'Shared Whispers' by mochalulu
2. Turquoise wrap ring by chicita
3.  Red Sami bracelet by Hamespun
4.  Butterfly cushion by TopFloorTreasures
5.  Bunny bottom butter by ScentsibleAromas
6.  Summer Lovin' ring by LouLousluxuries

I've listed a couple of things and am really hoping that consumers with a conscience will flock to the site.

This 'true blue' denim bracelet is perfect with jeans...

And here are my popular If Picasso did Lampwork beads in a red necklace.


  1. I love that blue bracelet, gorgeous. Go dreamaid!!!

  2. Thank you for mentioning us!!

    We are very excited about the forthcoming BBC2 documentary going out on the 18th of May at 8pm UK time.

    It will then be going global on BBC News and we are being covered on an Open University site and used as an example of sustainable business.

    It is going to be a wonderful opportunity to showcase handcrafts and to help us to help you to help others.

    Best wishes,

    Peter McAteer
    Dreamaid MD

  3. Many thanks for featuring my Turquoise Wire Wrapped Ring from Gimme That Thing. I'm really looking forward to watching Dreamaid grow for a great cause.


  4. I'm on DreamAid and think it is a really excellent venue to showcase crafts and a fabulous giving concept.
    I LOVE the Picasso necklace you have listed (enough to buy it if I weren't so short of the readies)

  5. lovely post! and your jewellery is beautiful :)

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my red bracelet. Wasn't expecting that- Popped over to read your blog & to say congratulations on featuring on Dreamaid. The home page looks fab.
    Lots of luck & sales to you. K


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