Wednesday, 5 May 2010

BESTeam weekly feature: Empress Jade

Ooooh - my first chance to review a vintage clothing store on Etsy - Empress Jade - based in BC Canada specialises in glamourous vintage lingerie but also covers vintage clothing and accessories from the rockability 50s, mod 60s, groovy 70s and glam 80s!

Being a bit of a ageing hippy-chick myself and a big fan of Mad Men style, I've picked out some 60s styles for my favourites.  Click on any of the pictures to be taken to the shop:
Love this psychadelic floral sleevless top

Love the print and colours on this caftan - you could party all night long in this and wear it the next day too!
This mini-skirted romper is so Jackie O!

The shops are full of maxi dresses at the moment, aren't they? But why have one from the high street when this is vintage and unique?

You can also find Empress Jade on these links:
and now Bonanzle


  1. I remember wearing that skirted romper! Loved it then, love it now.

  2. Thanks for the lovely feature on my shop! I love the bold floral patterns and fun colors from this era too.

    XOXO Empress


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