Sunday, 9 May 2010

Design dilemma - please help

You know when you're making something and you just can't decide which way will look best, so you try it out and usually you can easily decide?  Well I started making these delicate turquoise and white howlite earrings, but I'm really stuck over which one looks best.  What do you think?
The half hoops would be more delicate and the beads would move around.  Is that good, or would the movement be a bit of a pain?

I like the bigger bead in the centre - I think!  Then again,

You get more of the lovely sky blue turquoise presence here.  And it looks more like a traditional hoop earring but one where you can see all the beads all at once.

Ho hum!  Over to you ...


  1. I like the half one, I think the full one looks a bit too full, if that makes sense?:)

  2. I agree, I like the half best :-)

  3. I like the half one but if you're selling them why don't you make both? Customers can then decide.

  4. I like the half one :)
    Though I do like the full one aswell! But I think I would go for the half one.. hope that helps!

  5. Thanks for your comments. The half one has won the vote on here, Folksy and Etsy, but it's a great idea to make both. I was planning to do one as a gift for a friend, so that makes three pairs to do!

  6. My vote is for the half one as well. It's nice to have the beads swishing around.

  7. bit late but I definitely like the half one too! They are lovely stones!!!

  8. Wow, I'm the odd man out I like the full one. I know I'm late. Sorry about that. Though then again i don't wear earrings but I would think that the movement on an earring would be a bad thing...guess I'm wrong.


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