Monday, 22 August 2011

Handmade Monday: Autumn colours

Quite a quiet week, but I have been thinking a bit about the approaching change of season and hoping that it won't come too soon as we are off for a late holiday shortly.  These colours seemed to go together quite well, and it was only at the end that I realised I'd forgotten to work in a bail!  So that's one that will have to be redone.  I suppose I could fit an open jump ring on, but I always worry that things like that might come loose. 

It's probably a pendant, although I kind of like the idea of working it into a bracelet too. 

Here's the link to Handmade Monday so you can see all the lovely things people have been creating this week


  1. Lovely colours there on the penant, glad its not just me that forgets things..

    Weather is a bit too warm for me today again, hope it stays dry for your holiday.


  2. It's very pretty. We're also hoping for the weather to stay nice as we're off for a late break soon too. Fingers crossed! x

  3. I love the colours I can see it as a pendant and as part of a bracelet.
    I too always forget things so you aren't alone.

  4. Bright and fun colours, we all forget things all part of creating.

  5. Lovely bright colours. A matching set would look good.

    Jan x

  6. That's so pretty! My favorite colors (and hey, doesn't that go with mango sherbet?!) I think it might make a beautiful hair clip as well.

  7. That is so beautiful!
    I need a video please :)


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