Friday, 26 August 2011

Bead soup!

Bead soup - sounds a bit indigestible, doesn't it?  But actually it's this Folksy challenge.

A little bit about Bead Soup… all proceeds are going to the Breast Cancer Campaign, as part of the Folksy bead soup party challenge. Shops that are taking part had the challenge of creating some jewellery with 10 beads, including two focal beads sent by another Folksy shop and adding their own beads to it to create a beautiful item or items to sell with all the proceeds going to Breast Cancer campaign.

These were the beads I was sent by the lovely Imogen’s Imagination on Folksy.

And this is what I made:

If you want to see what else has been made for this great Folksy challenge, you can visit the thread here

Have a look and why not treat yourself to something lovely - knowing that your money is going to a good cause.  If you don't want to buy, it would be great if you were able to publicise the thread with a link on your blog, or through Twitter or Facebook, so that the maximum number of people see the jewellery that's been created and are hopefully tempted to buy and we can raise more money for Breast Cancer Campaign.

Aren't they unusual?  And aren't the Folksters talented? 

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  1. Yes we are a talented crew aren't we! I love your pieces, those rose quartz nuggets are amazing :)


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