Wednesday, 29 September 2010

BESTeam weekly feature: You are my Sunshine on Etsy

Inspired by the song sung to her sons, You are my Sunshine on Etsy is a bright and lively shop stocking handmade fabric flower brooches, fabric flower hair pins, rings, earrings, bracelets and statement necklaces.  Some of the items have a particular bridal theme, but many are just beautiful to be worn at any time. You can just feel the Florida sunshine shining from this shop!

Its owner clearly takes inspiration from vintage fabrics, and many of the items are re purposed and very eco-friendly.  It's so hard to pick favourites, so I've taken my cue from the beautiful colours in the lovely shabby chic style banner which heads up this shop.  Bold and beautiful colours are the order of the day!

I just love the combination of bright yellow and gentle cornflower blue in this brooch. Would look amazing on a dark navy jacket as a corsage, wouldn't it?

These lovely roses are recycled pink fabric, the chain has a delicate patina and the feather is a perfect finishing touch.

My favourite colour, this one is described as orchid blue and was made from a prom gown.  Again, I love the feathers giving this an airy, ethereal feel. 

This necklace is a lovely combination of greens - the fresh peridot crystals and deeper emerald rose, and feathers in a lighter contrasting shade.

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  1. Thank you so much for this well thought out feature!
    I love you describe my items and your suggestion on how to wear them!

  2. I've done business with Nina, and her customer service is superb!

  3. Nice post on this shop - I like how you separated out all the ways to contact the shop!! So smart

  4. These are really pretty pieces! Great post.

  5. What fab flowers!! Great find

  6. I love the flowers. Very nice feature!

  7. Love them all, but that orchid blue piece is stunning!


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