Friday, 5 March 2010

Folksy Friday – What a good idea!

This week’s picks are things you never thought you needed until you see them.  And I don’t mean the sort of gadgets you see in the Betterware catalogue!
Let’s start with organising jewellery.  Which of you doesn’t have jewellery everywhere?  How many necklaces are tangled in the bottom of your jewellery boxes?  You need a lovely necklace hanger like this one from maxineveronica13

Now to another concern of mine – how to keep warm on endless winter-y dog walks.  Without getting ‘hat hair.’  All that’s needed is an ear warmer like this from GingerNutKnits:

If you’re not a pink person, other colours are available.
If your other half is Welsh (mine is), you might feel obliged to fill your home and your wardrobe with red.  But what if, like me, you prefer blue?  Simple, just visit helkatdesign and purchase something lovely like this:

And, if you’re frequently out and about, how about this working telescope pendant by Zara Taylor, just in case the sun sets as you walk and you need to navigate by the stars?

There’s a ship’s wheel included too. 


  1. Oh I love that ear warmer, it would stop my mad hair from blowing in my face all the time! Clare x

  2. Thank you Clare. I have a few other colours available, or take custom orders :)

  3. The ear warmer is great. Thanks for the tip. Off to investigate.

  4. Thanks for featuring my telescope pendant:)


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