Friday, 12 March 2010

Etsy picks Lovely Labs

This week I'm going to give in to my love of all things Labrador-related.

As I type, my own pooch is doing his ritual wandering around the room, trying to decide if his tea has given him enough energy to play with a ball on a rope for a while, or if he's really too tired and should get settled on the sofa for the evening!  When he does settle, he won't look quite the same as this beautiful brown boy photographed by sdgphoto, but it will be similar:

Earlier in the day, Lucca had a bit of a swim in the river, something he's lucky enough to do most days.  He's never been in a boat - I think we'll leave that one until he's a little calmer (when will that be??!) I love this print by nativevermont - it beautifully captures the classic Labrador pose when alert and interested, I think:

Being a very sociable fellow, Lucca meets up with numerous doggie friends during the walking day.  Seeing one other Labrador makes him incredibly excited - if he were to encounter this brood from thelab it would be mayhem:

But it is nearly time to get Lucca a little companion.  Not sure yet what type of dog, but he's already been named 'Ted'.  Maybe it will be another brown Lab and they'll look as adorable as these two from art4milkbones

Sleep has won over toys now.  Lucca says goodnight!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing Cowboy's picture on your blog!

  2. awhh very cute! Belly rubs to Lucca :)

  3. Another lab. How lovely. Perhaps a rescue one?

  4. Thanks, art4milkbones, Lucca sends licks back!

    Fiona, yes, I think Ted might well be a rescue. Lucca is very friendly with other dogs, but easily intimidated if they decide to growl at him, and we think he could do with a more confident older brother.


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