Sunday, 11 January 2015

Handmade Monday - more of those tassel necklaces

Happy New Year blog followers. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year break.  Here's a quick pic of Lucca the dog enjoying the beach at Broad Haven on Christmas Day, when it was bright and windy.   

I kept crafting all the way through the break, and I'm still a bit obsessed with making dangles for the interchangeable chain necklaces. Because I always want my jewellery to have a touch of the ancient world about it - I like things to look like they could have literally been dug out of the ground! - I always love to use pearls, glass pearls in this case. 

That one is a bit Cleopatra, don't you think?

Five pearls in a row.

A lovely textured ring charm.

And some chainmaille with green Quartz beads. 

Would love to know which you like best?

One of my New Year resolutions is to do more tutorials on this blog, so please make sure you nag me if they don't appear, won't you?

Here's a link to Handmade Harbour where you can see what other crafty people have been making this week.

Alison x


  1. Oooh i looooove the row of coloured pearls! The colours are complimented so beautifully by the metal.

    Wasn't the weather gorgeous over Christmas, i had some wonderful walks too :)

    Happy New Year to you, i hope its full of wonderful things for you and yours xxx

  2. Your jewellery is just fabulous. My favourite has to be the 5 pearls. I've never had a go at jewellery making, so a tutorial would be welcome! Xx

  3. What a great idea to have interchangeable 'danglies' I love the Cleopatra one best although they are all lovely. Egyptian/African jewellery has a wonderful look about ot and the pearl drops suit it so well.

    Jan x

  4. Lovely pieces as usual. My particular favourites are the 5 pearls in a row because I love the colours and the chainmaille as I imagine that must be rather fiddly to do :)

  5. I like the ring charm the best but they are all lovely.

  6. They all are quite lovely but my favorite is the pearl bracelet. It's beautiful.

  7. Can't quite decide which is best. I really like the pearls in a row, but the textured ring probably comes equal.

  8. They are all gorgeous but as soon as I saw the five pearls in a row I'd got my favourite.
    Ali xx

  9. Your Christmas day photo is wonderful!!! Your Jewellery is so unique! I love jewellery with options! (I get bored easily!) xx

  10. I like the chainmaille with the beads. I almost didn't see the beads, I had to look twice.

  11. I'm crazy for chainmaille, since I can't make it myself. :0)
    and I love the idea of interchangeable pendants. very cool.

  12. Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing those tutorials! x

  13. I like the five pearls in a row accessory and textured ring charm. It's really nice and charming.

  14. I like the ring charm the best but they are all lovely. mood rings

  15. These all look so beautiful! My favorite is the one with quartz. The chainmail gives it that classic look. Thanks for sharing.


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