Sunday, 28 September 2014

Handmade Monday: Wedding jewellery

This week I've mainly been making some jewellery for me to wear to a family wedding.  I can't reveal the pictures as it's a family secret until next weekend, but I'll just say that my dress is bottle green and the statement necklace involves deep green and purple glass bead chain maille flowers, there's a lapel brooch, a bracelet and some tiny bead earrings. 

I started, and then stopped, making a fascinator, as my OH said it looked like a helicopter propeller, and I have to say, he is always an honest and very good critic and I could see the resemblance myself as soon as he said it.  So no fascinator, or hat, or tiara - just bare hair! The other pieces do meet his approval, but I'm not sure whether I should wear all of them together.  Hopefully, I won't be looking back on the photos in a few years time and wondering what on earth I was thinking!

I thought I'd show you my other wedding pieces in the meantime.  These always sell well in my shops, and it's lovely to have something, in some cases personalised, to celebrate your special day. 

This one has all the elements I think you need for the special day and the marriage afterwards - luck, love, a posh dress, the right shoes, and the key to your beloved's heart.  Have I missed anything?

There are some couples who, dare I say it, need a bit more luck (!), so this one has a four-leafed clover and a guardian angel too. 

This one is personalised with a rustic style stamped charm, and has a traditional pearl for the wedding - and a bird, as the person receiving this one has a particular love of them. I hope they had a lovely day on Friday.

This one was intended for wedding favours, or bridesmaid's gifts with their initials.

I was once the bride, but a long time ago now, and before I made jewellery myself.  I would probably choose pearls if I was a bride now, and this necklace is my favourite piece of wedding jewellery.

It's a metre long, with luscious vintage faux cream pearls and rock crystal cubes.  It would be great for a twenties, flapper style wedding.  The camera doesn't really do it justice.

Necklace white coin pearl leaf charm sterling silver chain UK seller

This one was bought by a lady for her daughter's wedding.  It was lovely and delicate with the coin and potato pearls, and I think a surprise gift.

Which do you like best?  What is your favourite wedding jewellery?  When have you successfully pulled off the fascinator/big hat/no hat/tiara/discreet hair comb look?!  Share with us.

Have a great crafting week.  Here's a link to see what others have been making.

See you soon,
Alison x


  1. Wow, so many pretty things! Its especially lovely to have something personalised for a wedding i think as its such a special day for everyone involved. Having said that i think my absolute favs from your beautiful selection are the pearls and the final necklace with the leaf, i love the simplicity.

    I'm sure you will look fantastic on the day, it must be a welcome change to be making jewellery for yourself to wear! :)

  2. The last is my favourite, as you say delicate:)

  3. I've never managed a fascinator! I'm sure I would rock a helicopter look too! I do like a flower on a clip though and worn them at fancy occasions before, I guess it depends on your style but I'm pretty sure bare hair is fine.

  4. I really like all those wedding items. I think the bronze/gold tone colour is such a nice change from a lot of silver stuff. They are beautiful gifts. No I've never pulled off the fascinator look either even though I like them and would loved to have worn one. I did make myself one for daughter's wedding but like you didn't actually wear it!!

  5. Such beautiful pieces!! I love the whole feel of your wedding jewellery and the beautiful charms! xx

  6. These are so lovely and such a perfect keepsake xx

  7. As usual your pieces are gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've made for yourself for the wedding. I really like the personalised wedding charm,lovely touch. I think the pearl designs are so pretty, the photos really do show them off well.
    Ali xx

  8. What pretty pieces and made more special when they are personalised :)

  9. The wedding charms are just lovely. I am sure they will be very popular.

  10. They are beautiful pieces, I love the idea of choosing a selection of charms to really personalise the jewellery. When I got married I wore pearls too.

  11. The last piece is my favourite but they are all lovely.#handmademonday

  12. Lovely pieces. The charms are really pretty. The final necklace is beautiful, I love the leaf shape.
    Have a great time at the wedding, can't wait to see what you're wearing, green and purple go so well together :)
    Jan x


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