Sunday, 17 August 2014

Handmade Monday: Getting the big cats mixed up

I love my charms, as most of you know.  It may be that outside of actual shops that sell charms, I have the world's biggest collection of bronze charms.  They are very popular in my online shops.  I'm thinking of putting a facility on my website for Chritmas so that people can design their own charm bracelet by choosing combinations of charms - do you think that would work?  It will take a lot of organising and I haven't started yet, although I have discovered a lovely little app (Framemagic) that lets me make collages like this really easily.

So browsing charms a couple of weeks ago I came across a lovely leopard head.  Great, I thought, it will make a pretty bag charm with a glass animal print bead I've already got.  So the charm came, I put the bead with it.  This is the result:

Spotted the deliberate (not) mistake (excuse the pun)?  Do leopards have stripes?  No, they do not.  Should I have thought of this before?  Yes.  Am I going to change it?  No.  It will have to be the big cats bag charm instead... Doh!

Here's a link to what other crafty people have been doing this week.

Alison x


  1. I think being able to pick your own charms and design your own bracelet is a real winner. The leopard head looks fab and the bead really adds to it. Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx

  2. Looks like Framemagic was a great find - hope it helps with sales:)

  3. Your pictures are really good and I would never have thought of the spots/stripes thing if you hadn't mentioned it! Big Cat charm is good too though! x

  4. Hehe! I don't think it matters that leopards don't have stripes, the over all effect or the bead and charm together works really well :)

    I can imagine it gets addictive choosing new charms, i bet there are some you don't want to part with! x

  5. The close up of the leopard is very good, and I do like the look of the seaside charms too.

  6. Lovely charms, I think choosing your own charm is a great idea and I'm sure it'd be very popular too.

  7. They are all great, especaily the starfish. Although my favourite is the Leopard head - gorgeous. Hope you have a good week.

  8. All your designs are lovely but I think I like the leopard the best. Very beautiful designs.

  9. Innovative Jewelry creation always get value. It doesn't matter that leopards don't have stripes, Fusion of imagination & charm gives best result.


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