Sunday, 24 February 2013

Handmade Monday: Thank you blog readers!

I wanted to thank everyone for the feedback you gave me the other week on the bag charms 'with or without beads' issue.

Most people said they liked the non-beaded flower version best so I've been busy putting together some non-beaded examples and should be able to show you some more soon.  Just to add to the consensus, I had a custom request on Etsy for five bag charms without the beads.  So there we go.  The jury has spoken. 

I guess that the colours and combinations of the beads won't always appeal to everyone, and just having the charms it will be easier to appeal to more people.  So I'll list, sit back and wait for the rush!  (Well, I can live in hope ;-)

In the meantime, here are some new beaded bag charms and a couple of other pieces listed this week - see what you think.

Two little owls with hematite stars and crystals
Deco style dragonfly with glass beads
Filigree peacock with crystals
Steam punk style bi plane earrings
Sari silk and heart charm bracelet
Bird cage charm necklace with pearl
Hope everyone in the UK is wrapping up warm against the cold and reading lovely blogs.  Here's a link to see what others have been doing this week for Handmade Monday. 

Alison x


  1. Your jewellery is lovely I especially like the dragonfly with the blue beads.

  2. Love the dragon fly and the peacock. Those blues are my fave colours.

  3. ooo I LOVE the peacock. Totally stunning.

  4. Lovely - the peacock is my favourite. I think having things that appeal to different people should increase sales. They all have your "look" so still all feel part of the same collection.

  5. All beautiful pieces. I find it impossible to have a favourite :)

  6. Can't quite decide between the peacock and the dragonfly?

  7. Oooh i love the little birdcage necklace, the simple blue pearl sets it off perfectly! The planes are such fun too, in fact they are all gorgeous makes (as always!) x

  8. I do think the planes are fun - a little bit different!

  9. Oh the peacock is lovely - absolutley gorgeous. And the bi-planes did make me smile!

  10. Love the plane earrings. So unusual.

  11. The peacock looks beautiful. I think the owls look perfect with the stars and crystals.
    Hope they all sell well.
    Ali x

  12. Thanks for sharing your jewellery, loving the cute birdcage charm.

  13. Beautiful work - I have missed so much from your blog posts - having a catch up now


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