Sunday, 9 December 2012

Handmade Monday: Busy, busy, busy flowers

What a busy week!  Record sales in my Folksy shop this week, and the little cord charm bracelets are still proving popular everywhere.  There's not been time to do a tutorial, and at one point in the week, I was literally selling faster than I could make.  Long may it continue, and if I can get to 100 sales on Etsy (I'm at 97 at the moment!) then that will make me a really happy crafty bunny.

Every sale just encourages me in my obsessional, charm-buying habit and this week was no exception.  These beautiful flower connectors arrived in time for me to make and list cord bracelets in pink, coffee brown, red and lilac.

Aren't they pretty?  One has sold today, so later I'll be making a replacement.

I thought they would also make nice bold but light earrings too and combined them with some of my favourite drawbench glass beads in deep blue with red and gold drizzled paint.

Drawbench glass beads, this time in red with green, blue and gold drizzles, also found their way into a flower themed bag charm...

... and into these 'bubble' rings...

 ...which were a bit of an experiment but might well get repeated.  I thought they looked quite Christmassy - what do you think?

Talking of which, I have custom orders to do in time for Christmas, and presents to make for the family.  And someone said it was only a couple of weeks away, now that can't be true, can it?!

Here's the link to see what other crafty folk have been up to this week.



  1. Well done on your successful Folksy week. Your bubble rings are gorgeous, great fun and ideal Christmas presents. Hope you have a good week.

  2. I really like the drawbench beads. You are right they look very Christmassy. I have never seen them before but shall certainly be looking out for them from now on. Congratulations on your sales. I am sure you will reach 100 before Christmas as it sounds as if you are doing really well :)

  3. beautiful charm! the multi-coloured beads are pretty too! congrats on all your sales - i may well have to check out your shops for some pressies :)

  4. I really like your big blobby rings. Very Chrismassy.

  5. Well done on all your sales, your creations are fantastic

  6. Oh All your jewelery is so beautiful ! I really love the bracelet & the rings are FAB !!! Have a lovely week ! x Siubhan x

  7. Those bubble rings are seriously cool!! They're also pretty festive without being too Christmassy, tres classy!

    Good luck without your Christmas orders!

  8. The more I moved down your page the more beautiful things I saw. Your jewellery is so pretty. Well done on all those sales.
    Ali x

  9. So many gorgeous things!! My favourite is the pink cord bracelet, i just love that flower charm and pink is one of my favourite colours :)

    Well done on all the sales! That's fantastic news and very well deserved as your jewellery is so beautiful x

  10. Well done on your sales, but I'm not surprised, everything is so pretty. Those beads are lovely and your bubbly ring are brilliant.

    Jan x

  11. How exciting for you! I hope your wish comes true and you reach your 100th sale! I like the rings they look like stained glass.
    Wendy x

  12. Love those bubble rings. Really different from any rings I've seen before.

  13. Absolutely beautiful! Love the rings - they look fit for a king (or three) for Christmas. Have a good week-end Jo x

  14. Wow, such beautiful creations. I love the flower cord bracelets and the rings look gorgeous. I hope you've exceeded your 100 sales - you certainly deserve to!
    Sending you very best wishes for Christmas and the coming New Year.
    Love, Andrea xx

  15. Your work is so fab. I have just realised that when I closed my other blog and started a new one, I didn't transfer your blog over, so I have been missing out on all your lovely posts. Now rectified. xx So sorry.

  16. These jewelry designs are marvelous. You have made a fantastic and beautiful jewelry. I think you have done more hard work to make this jewelry more beautiful because that hard work seems in this jewelry. Especially, the bubble rings are really amazing. This blog is very helpful for the women those who are passionate to own the latest and incredible designs of jewelry. Thank you for providing this excellent blog.


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