Sunday, 25 November 2012

Handmade Monday: Kumihimo to infinity

What a week!  The shops have been incredibly busy, and I'm coming up to 200 sales on Folksy - something I never thought I'd see.  As well as rushing around packing orders, there's been the weather to contend with.  Whilst we haven't had it as bad as the poor folk in the South West, we did have some amazing rainfall and winds.  Here is Lucca the Lab wondering why his regular walk is being swum by the ducks!

Shortly after, he worked out it was just like the beach and you could go crazy splashing in and out of the waters edge, so now he doesn't mind not having his usual walk at all.

I am persevering with the kumihimo and found a great tutorial for a twisted braid.  The lady is Norwegian will a passion for all things Japanese.  Her bracelets are absolutely stunning. 

This is my effort with chocolate, teal (which looks dark blue on the photo) and sky blue threads.

The finishing is still tricky but I'm working on it, and this time I didn't superglue my fingers to anything more embarrassing than a scrap of kitchen roll!  It's certainly addictive though.

The biggest sellers in my shop are still the little cord bracelets, and I've added infinity bracelets to the range this week... well as hearts...

..and birds.

One lovely customer has ordered seven so far! 

Hope everyone has a lovely week, and the weather settles a bit.

Here's the link to see what other crafty peeps have been doing this week.

Alison x


  1. I particularly like the bracelet with the little birds.

  2. oooh i love that little birdie bracelet too! They are all gorgeous though :)

    Well done on your 200th sale, that's fantastic!! x

  3. Congrats on having so many sales. Loving your bracelets they are so nice and different.

  4. 200 hundred sales is amazing, well done. Your twisted braid is looking really great and I like the other bracelets as well (I too like the birds.) Have a good week.

  5. I love the heart bracelet, the purple is really pretty. The corded bracelet is lovely too - the colour combination is great.

  6. They are all gorgeous and it's no wonder your shop is doing well x

  7. Well done and congratulations on your milestone on Folksy, your work is beautiful so I'm not surprised.

    Jan x

  8. The heart bracelet is my favourite. Congratulations on all your sales over at Folksy too !
    Wendy x

  9. Wow, I think you did very well with that spiral bracelet. Love the colors. I´m happy you enjoyed the tutorial. :) Linuz

  10. I agree with the other comment, the little birds are so cute.

  11. Love that infinity bracelet - gorgeous


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